Doug Biber and Laurence Anthony visit the Lexhnology Team 13-14 June 2024.

Doug Biber and Laurence Anthony came to visit the research teams of CRINI and of Lexhnology. On 13 June, they gave workshops about using corpus methods to learn about grammar and how to use Antconc. On 14 June, D. Biber presented his research about discourse units in conversation, and L. Anthony spoke about how artificial… Continue reading Doug Biber and Laurence Anthony visit the Lexhnology Team 13-14 June 2024.

Lexhnology welcomes two interns for annotation

Thrilled to have Léo Lisana and Deborah Boudzoumou at the FLCE of Nantes University as interns for Lexhnology ANR-22-CE38-0004. Deborah and Léo are bringing their double undergraduate degrees in law and foreign languages to the project to carry out the manual annotation of a sample of SCOTUS decisions that will be the basis for machine… Continue reading Lexhnology welcomes two interns for annotation

Mary C. Lavissière is co-coordinator for GERAS’s SIG on Legal English.

Lexhnology’s PI, Mary C. Lavissière, is now co-coordinating the Special Interest Group on Legal English for GERAS – Groupe d’Étude et de Recherche en Anglais de Spécialité (English for Specific Purposes Study and Research Group) with Audrey Cartron. The SIG’s first meeting was dedicated to mapping out the members’ research and teaching domains. MC Lavissière… Continue reading Mary C. Lavissière is co-coordinator for GERAS’s SIG on Legal English.

GERAS 2024

Congratulations to Warren Bonnard for presenting a great poster at #GERAS2024 !

Participate in the Research

Lexhnology is currently looking for teachers willing to encourage their students to complete a 45-minute on-line activity based on the famous Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court Opinion. We believe that the activity is of interest to students of all levels of English and welcome all levels of study or program (Lansad, LEA, Translation). The… Continue reading Participate in the Research

Nuit Blanche des 2024

Lexhnology presented an Art-Science show on 8 February during the Nuit Blanche des 2024 organized by Nantes Université. The play, co-constructed with the students of the Master 2 Juriste-Trilingue and Hélori Philippot, highlighted how American Supreme Court opinions weave different discursive voices and sources of authority together to construct their arguments. The project was… Continue reading Nuit Blanche des 2024

Lexhnology’s Plenary Reunion 2024 in Nancy

We had a fruitful and fun plenary meeting of the Lexhnology consortium in Nancy! We’ve meet great strides in modelizing SCOTUS case law, collecting user needs and use cases. We’ll be doing the full annotation campaign and gearing up for experiments with users this 2024.


“Natural Language Argumentation” 2023 Workshop on “Natural Language Argumentation: Extraction, Generation and Reasoning” – Supported by the GdRs TAL and RADIA (@cnrs). Lexhnology was there through the participation of Nicolas Hernandez to the poster session and the table ronde “Argument Mining on the Era of Generative AI: Results and Open Challenges” November 27th, in Sophia… Continue reading NLA’2023

ILLA 2023

JAGIELLONIAN UNIVERSITY, KRAKÓW 6th International Language and Law Association, General Conference, 20–22 September 2023 Lexhnology ANR-22-CE38-0004 was present to at the International Language and Law Association’s biannual conference in Krakow to present work on how the voice of the dissent is represented in Supreme Court Opinions from a historical perspective.

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