3 documents

  • Mary C Lavissière, Warren Bonnard. Who's really got the right moves? Analyzing recommendations for writing American judicial opinions. Languages, 2024, 9 (4), pp.119. ⟨hal-04581301⟩
  • Anas Belfathi, Nicolas Hernandez, Laura Monceaux. Harnessing GPT-3.5-turbo for Rhetorical Role Prediction in Legal Cases. JURIX 2023 - The 36th International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems, Dec 2023, Maastricht, Netherlands. ⟨hal-04264675⟩
  • Anas Belfathi, Nicolas Hernandez, Laura Monceaux. Enhancing Pre-Trained Language Models with Sentence Position Embeddings for Rhetorical Roles Recognition in Legal Opinions. 6th Workshop on Automated Semantic Analysis of Information in Legal Text (ASAIL) held online in conjunction with 19th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL), Jun 2023, Braga, Universidad do Minho,, Portugal. ⟨hal-04138121⟩
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