Centre de Recherche sur les Identités, les Nations et l’Interculturalité (CRINI)

Includes Mary C. Lavissière, PhD , Scientific Coordinator, and Johannes Dahm, PhD. His research uses quantitative methods for discourse analysis and language for specific purposes. He has participated in research projects on the representation of LSP using quantitative methods, such as studies on corpora of logistics and the treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic in corpora of German Press Articles.

Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes (LS2N)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) team. Nicolas Hernandez, Christine Jacquin, Laura Monceaux, all PhDs, and Richard Dufour, Ph.D, HDR, Full Professor. The team has worked on projects dealing with corpus annotation (ANR HORAE), discourse analysis (FUI ODISAE) and NLP for education (ANR PASTEL). Their expertise covers Machine and Deep Learning, Corpus Analysis and Annotation, Text Mining and Dialogue Act Analysis. The team holds the UNESCO Chair, IA-REL (Artificial Intelligence for Education and Open Education Resources).

Analyse et Traitement Informatique de la Langue Française (ATILF)

Alex Boulton, PhD, HDR, Full Professor and ATILF’s scientific coordinator in Lexhnology. He is an international reference on DDL – editor of ReCALL, the journal of the European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL)- vice president of the French Association of Applied Linguistics (AFLA). ATILF is particularly adapted to Lexhnology as it is specialized in linguistics, LSP teaching/learning and computer science. It has already integrated interdisciplinary projects in language and computer science: Équipex – Ortolang – CNRTL – EDOlang. Carmenne Kalyaniwala, PhD. Expert in LSP teaching/learning through the integration of virtual, immersive and technological tools and platforms and their impact on learner and teacher autonomy. She is also on the editorial board for Mélanges CRAPEL which focuses on L2 didactics.

Laboratoire inter-universitaire de recherche en didactique des langues (LAIRDIL)

Specialized in the research on LSP teaching/learning. Laura Hartwell, PhD, HDR, is the scientific coordinator for LAIRDIL for Lexhnology. Full Professor and Director of LAIRDIL, she is an expert on LSP teaching/learning and linguistic characteristics of legal English studied through corpus and experimental methods.

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